Top 10 Reasons We Love Friends of the Carr Refuge Donors

Vince is an awesome photographer

10. You are the life-blood of our organization and we are honored to be responsible stewards of your donations.

9. You empower us to provide educational outreach and civic engagement opportunities in the community. We love seeing you at our sea turtle night walks and outreach events.

8. You enable us to partner with internationally-recognized research programs so we can collaboratively protect sea turtles.

7. You think globally but act locally and your donations help support our local community.

6. You are helping protect over 900 acres of habitat and 20 miles of pristine sea turtle nesting beach. Go you!

5. By helping protect the refuge you are also helping protect our beloved Indian River Lagoon which is in dire need of your support.

4. You are boosting our economy by attracting people from around the world to visit the national treasure that is the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge.

3. You support critical research initiatives that lay the necessary foundations to help restore dwindling sea turtle populations.

2. You visit the refuge and inspire others to get involved with conservation.

1. You are a true friend to the millions sea turtle hatchlings that are born every year at the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge.